John 5:19-30 Declarations Summary

How many ways is it pointed to by Moses and the prophets, other writers to today?  Here are some specific concepts pointed to those who would listen more than in passing

  1. “I am equal with God”  John 5:19–20
  2. “I am the giver of life”John5:21
  3. “I am the final judge” (John 5:22–23
  4. “I will determine the eternal destiny of humanity” (John 5:24
  5. Gave authority because he is the Son of Man Jn 5:27

The Father is a spirit cannot be tempted nor can the Holy Spirit. James 1: 13; thus the Son is the only one of the Godhead that could even be tempted with sin, making him fully qualified to judge how we all respond to our trials because he went through it.  Heb. 4:15

The above statement came from a real nutcase, however, it does seem to have an element of truth

6. “I will raise the dead”John 5:25–29

7. “I am always doing the will of God”  John Jn. 5:30


The writings of the disciple who Jesus loved -I.A.M.

Concerning the writings of the disciple who Jesus loved

  1. ETERNAL NO BEGINNING lit. “in beginning”
  2. WEDDING CANA miracle 1 results disciples believing
  3. RELIGIOUS CONVERSATION Nicodemus he is intrigued
  4. OUTCAST CONVERSION Woman @ well in Samaria  is converted and discipling others; after that others would seek him directly for healing John 4:46-54
  5. DELEGATION from the Father- Jesus verbally reveals in word and deeds his unique relationship with the Father and the delegation from his Father final authority in John 5:26,27 and all the implications. that abiding in the Son means abiding in both.

1 John 2:24