John 5:19 ALL authority given by his Father

Previously John wrote: For this reason, therefore, the Jewish leaders… were seeking all the more Jn. 5:18 Intensifying their evil desires.

John 5:19

Observations  by C.. Swindoll

  1. “I am equal with God”  John 5:19–20
  2. “I am the giver of life”John5:21
  3. “I am the final judge” (John 5:22–23   
  4.  Acts 17:30-31
  5. “I will determine the eternal destiny of humanity” (John 5:24
  6. “I will raise the dead”John 5: 25–29
  7. “I am always doing the will of God”  John John 5:30

Ask who was he speaking to and what reaction did they give? John builds on what was exegeted by Jesus foretold in John 1:18