John 5:2

John 5:2


The specific feast is not specified

Porticoes what are they?

Sheep  gate plus the others in bold

Ne 3:1 everybody who worked on the wall did so that God approved  remember Dennis  said Sanballat not suited for the task as a cynical outsider

Eliashib the high priest

Tower of the Hundred and the Tower of Hananel. mentioned in Jer 31:38  and above the Gate of Ephraim, by the Old Gate, by the Fish Gate, the Tower of Hananel and the Tower of the Hundred, as far as the Sheep Gate; and they stopped at the Gate of the Guard. Ne 12:39

Many scholars prefer the reading “Bethesda” because it is indirectly attested to by the Copper Scroll discovered in Qumran, which calls this place “Betheshdathayim” (3Q15, column 11, line 12), meaning “the place of the twin outpouring”  Recent excavations show this site to have had two pools, with five colonnades  The name “house of mercy” accords well with the passage, for it is here that men and women sought mercy from God for their healing. Most English versions have also favored the reading “Bethesda.”