SEQUENCE IS MORE USEFUL THAN, “What calendar day year month each event will occur

  1. When will the Lord Jesus return? Only God the Father knows no one else.  Mt.24:36,37
  2. Will, there be any events which must happen prior to his coming?
  3. What specific places in the Bible speak to these questions?
  4. Are there various opinions on details- YES

Who will face the “man of sin” aka the Antichrist, is a question that some in the modern church believe they know all the answers.  Hindsight is an advantage, but there is no hindsight of a future event. In fact, God’s people ancient Israel had varied insights on the Messiah and his kingdom whether he would be a king or a  servant. That is a BIG DIFFERENCE

If people who truly belong to Christ through a relationship with him have to face him, that is bad news. Some maintain that those who belong to him will be taken away prior to facing this evil individual who will bring with him a time of tribulation the world has not ever encountered. This being “taken away” RAPTURED is something that all who believe the bible agree WILL actually happen!  Well, the writer of this article has encountered enough learned individuals to prepare that if encountering this man of sin is a settled matter. This way If this notion believers will face the antichrist is an error. This worry, anxiety, panic is unnecessary. It is still a command to warn those who don’t know what is written about these last days, nor do they believe what they heard from movies or the internet and couldn’t be bothered to investigate these matters themselves.  Where will people turn when their ideas are wrong? Including “religious nuts” like myself. What will happen if the tentative conclusions I have accepted to be true are blatantly wrong, then the books & movies like Left Behind and the popular teaching in Western Evangelical Christian pulpits describe a group of “Jesus nuts” like myself will mysteriously disappear having been raptured. MAKE NO MISTAKE this author knows this will occur however the sequence of events do not offer a quick escape of believers prior to the great tribulation, rather a high degree of likelihood that both believers and unbelievers will encounter the time of testing which God will proceed with his plans, and those who endure should be humble enough to admit ‘I got this wrong”.

We can be theologically incorrect about Biblical interpretation and how we understand the “next steps” when our worldview or preferred understanding starts to unwind and pick up the same scriptures and humbly ask God, What do I do now? He guarantees to make himself available to those that truly seek him.